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PQHQG Web Site Problems

Good morning everyone.

The Guild web site is experiencing problems. Some pages are showing as completely white screens instead of displaying the page content.

This seems to be happening on all pages that require you to log in. Public pages don't appear to be affected at this time.

I suspect that this has been caused by a module update that I did yesterday but I cannot get in to the administration pages to disable the updated module.

Repair may take some time as I will need to learn how to correct the problem before I can actually do it.

Apology & Correct Link

Hello all.

I have to apologize for the first announcement. It appears that I made a mistake with the link when I created it this morning and that has caused no end of problems.

I think that I have it corrected and you should be able to see the newsletter by clicking on this link.

I have also verified that the link on the site is working as well.

Sorry to all who tried and were disappointed.