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September Newsletter

The September edition of Quilt Talk is now on the web site. You may click on the following link to view it:



PS: Remember, if you are having any difficulties using the site, you are more than welcome to ask for help. (250) 821-1644 or webmaster@parksvillequilthousequilters.com

Desktops and Laptops and Tablets and Phones - Oh, My!

Thank you to those Guild members who have been struggling and reached out for help. Not only can I help you solve your problem, it gives me a better idea where the problems are so that I can fix them.

The current site theme was designed for desktops and laptops. It does not always play well with tablets and smart phones. A solution to this in the site redesign is the first priority.


Hello again everyone.

There have been 81 responses to the Web Site Survey and the greatest area of concern being expressed has been the inability to log in and visit the Members Only section of the site.

I would like to offer help to anyone that needs it. There are 3 ways to contact me:

1) E-mail to webmaster@parksvillequilthousequilters.com

2) Choosing Contact Us from the left column of any page and selecting Website Feedback as the category. Vicki will receive a copy of these messages too.

Thank You!

Thank you very much to the 63 Guild members who have already completed the web site survey. We are learning important things from you submissions that will help guide development of the site in the future.

If you have not already contributed your wisdom, please take a moment to do so. We want to make the site work for you.


Your Opinion is Needed

The Guild management would like to renovate the web site and is asking for your feedback to prepare.

Please take a moment to complete the seven questions in the on line survey at your earliest convenience.

The survey may be found under the Survey tab on the web site main menu if the link above does not work for you. It is not necessary to log in to complete the survey.