January to December 2021

January 18: Yoga Moves to Unstitch the Weary Quilter

Charlotte Crowley, Yoga Instructor and Registered Holistic Nutritionist, presented a free, relaxing, 45-minute chair yoga session (with some optional standing poses).

January 27: Breaking the Rules for Accurate Piecing

Shelley Tobisch presented a 1 hour zoom program demonstrating Acorn products and the Easy Precision Piecing System.


February 9 and 16: Learn to Love Appliqué with Apliquick

Rosa Rojas gave a 45 minute presentation demonstrating her Apliquick tools for creating stunning applique. The presentation was available on Facebook Live and on zoom.

February 22: Get Your Motor Running

Melissa Marginet gave a 1.5 hour virtual presentation and trunk show to spark our creativity, inspire us to learn new techniques and build our quilting and creative confidence.

March 17: Japan’s Quilt History: The Story of an American Import

Teresa Duryea Wong gave a 1 hour presentation on Japan’s journey from quilt importer to trailblazer; a fascinating journey through Japanese history, cultural expectations and the process by which one is deemed a ‘master quilter’.

April 19: Island Sewing Demonstration

Island Sewing gave a 1 hour zoom presentation on The Clammy Rulers and Patterns by Latifah Saafir and ways to use this exceptional system.

June 21: Imagination to Fibre and Thread

Coreen Zerr gave a 1 hour zoom presentation demonstrating three different techniques for creating a realistic fabric and thread animal portrait, starting with a photograph.

July 21 and 22: Carola’s Pop Up Shop

Our second annual Pop Up Shop featuring Carola’s Quilt Shop was held in Qualicum Beach.

September 27: Kismet Quilts

Kismet Quilts is looking forward to being merchant at your September meeting. It's been a while, so it will be great to see all our friends again. If you keep up with our newsletter and emails you will know that our shelves are bulging with new products which hopefully means you will all find something you can't live without.

In the meantime, the Kismet crew has a plan for the program, we call it Plan A, which will be 100% FUN! Should that not work out, we will go to Plan B which will still be a lot of fun and most people will like it. Barring that, we will have to go to our emergency plan which we call Plan X. This plan measures out at about 48% fun. Early estimates indicate that about half a dozen people will like that, but if we're right before the break, we should be fine.

October 2 and 3: All Star Sampler Platter Event

In this live virtual event, an All-Star cast of 18 quilt teachers will demonstrate some of their favorite quilting techniques over two different days. It's a showcase of a wide variety of styles and techniques, from traditional to modern and art quitting techniques with something to please everyone! You will receive a PDF that includes written instructions to go along with each teacher's demonstrations.

October 2: Time is 12:00 – 3:00 PST. Presenters are April Sproule, Brandy Maslowski, Candy Grisham, Carole Lyles Shaw, Daisy Aschehoug, Jane Hauprich, Jane Haworth, Jenny Kae Parks, Julia McLeod

October 3: Time is 12:00 – 3:00 PST. Presenters are Kena Tangi Dorsey, Lisa Walton, MJ Kinman, Rhonda Denney, Sandra Chandler, Susie Monday, Tina Craig, Tori McElwain, Valerine Goodwin.

The virtual link will be sent a week before the event.

For more information on programs send an e-mail to

Roxane N.
Program Committee