Desktops and Laptops and Tablets and Phones - Oh, My!

Thank you to those Guild members who have been struggling and reached out for help. Not only can I help you solve your problem, it gives me a better idea where the problems are so that I can fix them.

The current site theme was designed for desktops and laptops. It does not always play well with tablets and smart phones. A solution to this in the site redesign is the first priority.

However, since the drop down menus might not work for some, where the tabs across the top of the page have items in their drop down list, you will see a row of links to those sub pages across the top of the main page.

For instance, if you click on the Members Only tab to load the Members Only page, you will see the following across the top of the page:

Guild Business - Library - Quilt Show 2018 - Show & Tell - Volunteer Opportunities

These are links to the sub pages in the Members Only area so that you can click them and go to those pages if the drop down does not work on your tablet or smart phone.

All of the other main tabs that have sub pages work in the same way. Some tabs don't have any sub pages.

This has actually been in place for some time as a work around. My apologies for only communicating this solution to the first person that was having trouble.