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Apology & Correct Link

Hello all.

I have to apologize for the first announcement. It appears that I made a mistake with the link when I created it this morning and that has caused no end of problems.

I think that I have it corrected and you should be able to see the newsletter by clicking on this link.

I have also verified that the link on the site is working as well.

Sorry to all who tried and were disappointed.


Replying to the Guild Newsletter

Good Sunday morning everyone!

Some of you have replied to the newsletter advising of Monday's meeting cancellation. Thank you, it's good to know that you have received it. All of the responses go to the webmaster e-mail account. If you want to respond to someone else, you will have to note and change the reply to address on your e-mail.

Meeting Cancellation

December 12 meeting cancelled due to unpredictable weather.

Pot Luck postponed to the January meeting. (Post Christmas celebration)

Fashion Show planned by Program rescheduled for June.

Wishing you and yours the best for the holiday season.

- Frankie