The Ugly Fabric Challenge

Hello Everyone,

Mickey and I hope you are all staying well (and somewhat sane!) during this trying time!  Quilting is such a great thing for sanity, isn't it?  As well as doing other crafty and garden-y things.

So, do you remember way, way back (when the world was different) in January – yep that’s this past January – 3 very long months ago... we issued a non-competitive challenge to stir your creative juices?  “The Creative (non-competitive) No-Nine Patch Ugly Fabric Challenge”??  Remember?

We gave you some creative guidelines:

“You can make any item- any size - (it should be quilted somewhere – you could quilt only two layers) - here are some ideas: coasters, placemats, napkins (quilted napkins- who'd have thought?), a jacket, tote-bag, tote-bag lining, wall hanging, table topper, bed quilt (any size), sewing machine cover, car cover, car quilt, donation quilt, basket liner, floor rug, antimacassars, tuffet, dog or cat blankie or bed....”

For those of you who took on the challenge and have not yet started (why not, you got no time??), we'd like to add another item to that list....although you may have to make more than one to conform with the second guideline:

“You must use the whole piece of fabric somewhere on the item, use it up- on the back or quilt it with an extra layer (we'll be checking- just kidding), use the back of the fabric if you like it better than the front (remember you paid for both sides of it), cut it into tiny strips, make ribbons to dangle off the edge, etc, etc, etc.”

How about a mask?  Remember to check the guidelines for inspiration if you managed to get a kit- they sold out amazingly fast- refer to the info sheet that came with the fabric.

Or start something new- have you heard of trauma teddies? My long-time friend in Australia has been knitting these for trauma victims at her local hospital, maybe they could be adapted to fabric teddy bears too.

This challenge is all about creativity, we encourage everyone to think outside the box.

Let's have a virtual show and tell in the June newsletter- too bad we can't have the garage sale that way too!

Send pics of your project to by May 20th.

Stay put, stay quilting, stay well and stay kind!

~  Ionne and Mickey