Over 10 years ago our guild began the tradition of hosting a getaway retreat on beautiful Quadra Island at a non-denominational bible camp, Camp Homewood. Our retreats welcome between 40 and 50 quilters to escape from their reality and immerse themselves in 4 days of fun, quilting, eating and relaxing. For a nominal fee we settle ourselves into camp life; in accommodations ranging from shared bunk house style digs to semi private and private rooms. Included in the cost are 3 meals a day, and evening snack each night and unlimited time to sew. One of the best perks to our retreats is the fun you have with other quilter’s from our Guild.

We have traveled to Quadra for our retreat around the 3rd week of January; a good time to get away and hibernate with all your quilty projects. Starting this year (2016) we are offering a second 4 day retreat in November.

In 2016 we introduced a new format retreat, a “Stay at Home “ retreat; to be held at Arrowsmith Hall on the Coombs Fair Grounds. With this retreat you come with all your sewing gear and projects, get set up for a 3 day sew in and enjoy quilting with a group of fellow guild members. The fee for this retreat includes the 3 days sewing, lunch all three days, dinner the first evening and coffee and tea all day. The difference with a stay at home retreat is at the end of the day you go home to sleep in your own bed to return the next morning refreshed and rejuvenated. All you sewing supplies etc. can be left set up in the hall. All will be safe and secure until your return the next day. An extra positive in this type of retreat is that you are close enough to home (most of us are) to run home for the forgotten items.

We are really looking forward to nurturing this concept along as we feel this type of retreat may be a better fit for some members than the customary get away type of event. We have had great response to our first offering of a Stay At Home Retreat.

Retreats for 2016:

October 14-16 Stay at Home Retreat Arrowsmith Hall - Full with a wait list of 8

November 1 - 4 Camp Homewood Quadra Island - need a minimum for 30 only 31 booked so far

Retreats for 2017:

January 17-20 Camp Homewood Quadra Island - Registration begins at the September meeting


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January 31 to February 2 Stay at Home Retreat Arrowsmith Hall - Registration begins at the October meeting

May 2-4 Stay at Home: Stay at Home Retreat Arrowsmith Hall - Registration in the new year