Quilt Entry Categories


  • Our new categories are based on techniques rather than size.
  • You will enter your quilt in ONE CATEGORY ONLY.  Many quilts have a mixture of techniques but it will be your choice which category you want to feature.  The committee would only change your category choice if it were simply  wrong such as putting your quilt in the hand work category when there is no hand work in your quilt.
  • You may enter more than one quilt in a category.

1. Whole Cloth

The entire top is one fabric which may be pieced together to achieve the desire size.

Whole Cloth Quilt Example

2. Hand Pieced, Hand Appliqued or Hand Foundation Pieced

Majority of the work is by hand

Hand Pieced Quilt Example

3. Machine Pieced

Fabric pieces are machine sewn together to produce block

Machine Pieced Quilt Example

4. Machine Appliqued

Any applique technique such as raw edge, fusible, turned edge done on machine

Machine Appliqued Quit Example

5. Machine Foundation Pieced

Including paper pieced, English paper pieced, or on a fabric foundation done on machine.

Machine Foundation Pieced Quilt Example

6. Art Quilt

Made to hang on a wall, original or significantly modified design.  Can include abstract, portrait, landscape and still life.  Mixed media using personal expression and originality in design, colour and technique.

Art Quilt Example

7. Miniature Quilt

A small version of a larger quilt, no bigger than 24 inches square.

Miniature Quilt Example

8. Machine Embroidery

A sewing or embroidery machine is used to make patterns on fabric.

Machine Embroidery Quilt Example

9. Modern

Minimalism, asymmetry, use of negative space, improvisational piecing, solids or modern print fabrics and grid work are aspects of the Modern Quilt Movement.

Modern Quilt Example

10. Accessory

Wearables, bags, placemats and other kitchen accessories. Must be 3 layers quilted.

Quilted Accessory Example