Guild Membership Lists

Hello Guild members; Please read on for an update about the new formatting of the Online Guild membership lists.

Over the last few months, Membership has worked with our helpful Webmaster Tim Schewe to develop a more dynamic membership list. 
The old list was available for download in pdf format and was updated every month or so. The new lists are updated as soon as members’ information is entered. Membership is also able to enter data anywhere with internet access. 
The new lists can be found in the Members Only section of the guild web site, Section is accessed by clicking on Members Only tab on the top bar. To view Members Only pages you must login. 
To login, enter your Username and Password under User Login located on the right side of the page. If you have trouble logging in please send an email to Tim the Webmaster through the Contact Us page, Category Website Help/Feedback. He is very helpful, but cannot fix an issue if he doesn’t know there is one. 
Once logged in click on Membership Information to see the 4 membership list links. You can also select the lists from the Members Only drop down menu.
The reason for the separate lists is so they are viewable across a range of devices. 
The Guild Membership List contains all current members’ names and membership numbers. 
The Address, Email and Telephone Directories do not list those members who have chosen to keep their information private. The lists can be sorted by clicking on the table headings. You can click on First or Last Name to sort alphabetically or in the Address Directory you can click on City or Postal Code to view other members in your area.
If you are missing from the lists and have renewed your membership for 2019-2020, or you want your information changed, please contact us.
Barb Graham & Sharon Hebert at