Guild Challenge Quilt

An important note from Parksville Quilt House Quilters Guild re: vote "The theme of the challenge is *Gateway to Adventure*".

Hello fellow members, Sara Medd here as your CQA/ACC rep:

With the absence of our March meeting, we need to have an email vote to choose our Member Guild Challenge quilt submission to the National Juried Show of the CQA/ACC in Edmonton in June. I ask you all to submit one vote to choose one of two entries received from the attached photos. We will refer to them as Photo A and Photo B. Photo A is 12.5" wide and 14" tall. Photo B is 19.75" x 15.5". Both quilts have followed the rules of the challenge admirably. Please refer to the CQA/ACC webpage to review the challenge rules. Please send your vote to me, as soon as you can. I will close voting at 9:00, April 5, 2020. Any votes received after that won't count. This is to allow the chosen quilt to be registered and travel in a timely fashion to Edmonton. Please let me know if you have any questions, 250-752-5489.

This process is the result of discussion between the management and me. As this is a Guild submission, we thought it best to vote as a guild. A huge thanks to our webmaster for helping!

INSTRUCTIONS: Click the link under the photo of your choice to vote for it. This should open a new e-mail to Sara with your choice in the subject line. It is not necessary to enter any text in the body of the message.


Click Here to Vote for Photo A


Click Here to Vote for Photo B